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Field Paint & Field Paint Accessories

OneStripe Aerosol    $39.95 and up

OneStripe aerosol field paint is the best possible option for painting your sports field. With an added brightener and non-clogging agitation system, OneStripe is a unique and ground-breaking innovation in the field paint market. Our Jet-Blast spray tip assures a brilliant, longer-lasting sheen to the lines on your sports field. It is also uniquely designed to ensure a universal fit in any and all aerosol paint machines. 18 oz cans/ 12 cans per case. Available in 13 colors!

OneStripe Bulk    $59.95 Supreme Concentrate
                            $52.95 Ready-To-Use

OneStripe Bulk is an environmentally-friendly bulk paint with a longer lasting latex formulation. It is a highly pigmented paint, so you can be confident that a single pass will give you the brightest line possible. 

We offer 2 options for OneStripe Bulk: SUPREME 3:1 concentrate and convenient READY-TO-USE!

OneStriper Turf Machine    $150

The OneStriper aerosol paint machine utilizes heavy duty 10” pneumatic tires to guarantee the straightest and most consistent line possible. Its heavy design withstands the bumping and jarring you experience when field painting. Lightweight plastic tire design also available.
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